1. Third

    So this will be a little different from my normal posts. I’ve been having some internet troubles. I promise to update as soon as I can once my computer gets fixed. It won’t be long. I promise. I’ll write more stories and poems on here. I’ll leave with that note. Hope to back up and running smoothly within the next week.

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  2. Second

    Her body cascaded like a glimmer of sunlight against the ocean
    She was anxious
    She never felt her body being touched in such a gentle manner
    A virgin
    She wanted to wait
    But curiosity always plays in the game

    Sweat drips down her face
    Her thoughts, thought she’d never admit, had been on this
    Been enamored by it
    Enticed by it
    Seduced by it

    He removes her clothes
    Already stripped
    She blushes, tries to hide under the covers
    He pulls them aside
    'Don't be embarrassed. You're beautiful.'
    'You're saying that because you're about to laid.'
    He presses against her
    Skin to skin

    'If I said it to get laid,'
    'I would've tried months before.'
    He kisses her lips, explores her with his hands
    She cringes
    His hands were soft, warm, and comforting
    She smiles
    She trusted him

    He pulls her legs apart
    Kisses down her tummy
    Feels it sink in as she inhales
    He smiles
    'Don't tease me,' she says
    'Don't hold back,' he replies

    He tastes her
    She cringes again
    Her hands reach around the bed
    Reach into his hair
    Pulling, tugging, biting her lip
    'Didn't I tell you to not hold back?'

    She shakes her heads
    Her voice wasn’t working
    She slips up her guard
    She sighs
    He smiles, adjusts himself, looks down at her
    She nods. ‘Just please be gentle’

    He pushes himself in
    Holds himself before moving
    Gets acquainted with her tightness
    A warmth shoots down her spine
    Like a vampire
    It nibbles on her neck
    Sinks its teeth in
    And encases her

    'Are you all right?'
    'Hah… please keep going'
    He draws himself in deeper
    Thrusts inside her faster
    Moans grow louder
    Grabs the bed tighter

    'I'm about to give in'
    He grins
    He was close himself
    Extremely close
    She grabs on his back
    Claws dig into his skin
    Groans into his ear

    He grabs onto her
    Moans in her ear
    Heavy breath
    He looks down at her

    Right into her eyes
    Runs his fingers through her hair
    She smiles
    Wipes the sweat from her face
    'I love you,' she says
    'I love you too'

    (doesn’t everyone wish their first could have been like this; cliche but romantic. i do. if it had been, i might still be with her. but we all can’t get milk with cookies now can we?)

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  3. First

    She smiles seductively at him, tracing the lines on his chest. “This is what you’ve been waiting for,” she says, licking her lips. She has her prey tied down to the bed. Unbeknown to her, his ties have come loose. He was waiting for the opportune moment, but now wasn’t the time. She unzips his jeans, pulls them down to his knees, and lets her fingers run against the sensitive skin. Her tongue licks around him. Heavy breath. Heavy inhale. She smiles, encasing him. He grunts. She teases him, first slow and shallow, and then takes him in deep. Her hands explore the rest of him. Her skill with her mouth was not well known. She liked to keep her secret safe. It added to her mystery. He’s dying to let go his hold. Reveal the bonds weren’t tight enough, and grab her down to make her scream. But he resisted. He held his control, as best as he could with a mouth around his head. She could feel his body trembling. He was ready to break. She reaches behind her, undoing her bra. Her bosom revealed. She starts again, but his hands have her shoulders. He forces her to the bed, hands above her head. “Now it’s my turn,” he says. He ties her hands on the bed post, nice and tight. He kisses her neck, nibbling on it. She quivers. His kisses lower down her body. Her soft shoulders, breasts, stomach, down the seam of her underwear. He removes them. Complete nude. She tries to tighten her legs together. He pulls them apart. “You’re beautiful.” She smiles. His tongue flicks her lightly. She bites her lip. He tastes her. She bites her lip harder, trying to resist. His fingers feel inside her. She can’t resist. She sighs. He smiles. He teases her, tasting her and feeling her until her body begins to shake. Once her body trembles just slightly, he lays on top of her and pushes himself into her. She lets out a moan. “Stop trying to resist,” he says. “Don’t stifle your sighs.” She didn’t want to let him win. He always had control. But her resistance broke. Her mind said no, but her body was screaming yes. Sweat drips down her body. “Untie me damn it!” He does so skillfully. She grabs his back, pulling him in deeper. Quick, deep thrusts. He sits up, pulling her on top. He grabs onto her hips, pulling himself in. Her hands entangle themselves in her air. “Mmmm… hah!” She can’t contain herself. He moans softly in her ears. He grabs her back, holds onto it tight. Her speed slows to nothing, and her movements stop. He’s given. She’s done. They fall back onto the bed, nearly breathless. 

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